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Free Online Classes to Learn Photography

Suppose you want to know more than how to hit the shot button in the auto mode on your camera or smartphone. Well, there are a lot of online courses that will help you gain your skills for free. Let's review the best online video-tutorials to learn photography.


It is a fast-growing platform that provides access to different online courses. Everyone can become a teacher on this website. However, you can check the rating and reviews of each tutor. Let's explore the most top-rated photography lessons on Udemy.

Introductory Photography Course

It is a perfect online lesson if you have zero background in photography and want to learn the basics. This video lesson, which is two and a half hours length, has the highest rating. More than 200,000 students enrolled in this video-lesson.

Adobe Photoshop Complete Mastery Course Beginner to Advanced

It's one of the pitfalls for beginners, who think that once a photo shot is recorded in your camera's flash memory, the photo is ready. If you want to make your snap jaw-dropping, you need to polish it using image editing software. This video-lesson will help you make a deep dive into the advanced photo editing software from Adobe, Photoshop.

If you decide to enroll in this course, you will need to allocate almost 6 hours to watch all the videos. In case you're an undergraduate, feel free to hire someone who can help with assignments at college.


It is an online platform that helps creative people master their craft and learn new skills. Let's take a closer look at the courses under the Free Photo Classes category on this website.

Gear Day

Every photographer should have particular equipment to make amazing shots. If you're a student who works part-time to purchase a top-notch camera, the question, "Can I pay someone to write my paper?" may arise. For sure, you can order some help online to combine work and study.

However, it would be better if you enroll in this course and discover why the most expensive camera won't make you the best photographer. Learn how to make shots by using gear that you already have.

In Focus: Embracing Your Uniqueness

Do you want to know to create stunning portrait photos and focus the attention on particular objects professionally? If so, you have to watch this video-lesson from Gregory Heisler, who is more than 35 years in the industry.

How To Take Amazing Photos With Your iPhone

Don't you like to bring heavy gear with you all the time? Well, the capabilities of modern smartphones impress. You can not only order college homework help online but also capture amazing moments with no hassle by using an iPhone in your hand.

Watch this video course and discover how to use your iPhone's hardware and software to create impressive shots.

Digital Photography at Alison

It is a website that implies more than 1,000 video courses on different topics. If you want to get full-cycle education in photography, watch the set of digital photography lessons on this platform.

You can start from the introduction lesson and continue your education by watching the beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons. To finish your learning, watch the 'Diploma in Digital Photography' lesson.

Photography in Modern Life

Photography takes a significant place in modern life. Over 100 million photos are uploaded to Instagram, the main mobile photo-sharing network, daily. If you like capturing fascinating moments, learn photography skills online for free, and become a top-notch photographer.

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