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Nowa Huta - "seeking an identity"

Nowa Huta, Poland Nowa Huta, Poland Nowa Huta, Poland
Nowa Huta, Poland Nowa Huta, Poland Nowa Huta, Poland
Nowa Huta, Poland Nowa Huta, Poland Nowa Huta, Poland
Nowa Huta, the new factory, was constructed as a city for the blue collar workforce in the early 1950's - a pioneering project for Communism in Poland. It's located near Krakow, one of the oldest Polish cities.
Krakow was recognised as the centre for the Polish intelligentsia, who the Communists despised and considered as an inconvenience. In this way, Nowa Huta would form a workers' opposition to the intelligentsia, and thousands of young people from all over Poland came to this original housing and factory development, consisting principally of the Lenin steelworks. Nowa Huta had a special task to stay modern throughout, a Communistic city without God, with the biggest communist party organization in Poland. But the vision built on the foundations of Soviet ideology was destroyed. The inhabitants forced the authorities to build churches, and from the year 1980, Nowa Huta started to be the bastion of anti-communism.
Today Nowa Huta has become the disintegrating annex of Krakow, a place to commute from, and not to. There have been a series of mass redundancies . Those former steelworkers, who were provided for by the Communist steelworks, once the biggest employer in Poland, cannot now adjust to the reality of our times. Those who constructed Nowa Huta, even those who excelled at their work, cannot now guarantee themselves the basic things for everyday existence. The young people, the third and fourth generations of this peculiar melting-pot, which resulted from the influx of people from all parts of Poland, are struggling to achieve their own identity.
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